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President’s Welcome

From Vision to Reality

The Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe envisioned a transformative future when tribal leaders offered the land that would become Yavapai College to the community – dramatically expanding educational opportunities for the people of Yavapai County. From a modest start with 600 students on one campus to a College with two comprehensive campuses, five centers, and a respected on-line presence, YC keeps its eyes on the future while continually strengthening its programs and services. The College’s broad, relevant educational offerings, regional economic development support, and social and cultural programs enhance the quality of life throughout our County.

The best gift we give our students is the gift of confidence. Whether it is a child in our Family Enrichment Center or an adult enjoying lifelong learning, our students often come to us with some trepidation. We understand and empathize. Learning new concepts, meeting different colleagues, or starting a new business usually involves risk.  Yet with the strong support of our trustees, faculty, and staff, our students begin to believe in themselves. This is where dreams start to take shape.

As you browse the pages that follow, some of you will learn for the first time about our humble beginnings and our transformation into the College that you see today. For others, the pictures and words may evoke meaningful memories. Either way, we hope that our historical reflection will inspire you to expect even more of your College as we continue to enrich the quality of life for all county residents.

All of us at YC respect our rich, diverse history. This engrained sense of responsibility is essential to ensure that our communities’ futures are ever brighter.

Thank you for your belief that YC’s success as the community’s College is your success!

Dr. Penelope Wills
President, Yavapai College